“The DEECD Teaching and Learning in the 21st Century program really opened my eyes to the possibilities that digital technologies can provide. As a result, my class was connecting and collaborating with classes from around the world and learning in an authentic setting. We had Skype Quizzes with schools from Malaysia and Upper Plenty, we learned Kanji from a teacher in Japan, we worked on a descriptive writing project with a class from New Zealand. The opportunities were endless! The group that I worked with were amazing. Our final project, although still in it’s early stages, is a fantastic tool for all teachers to access. I am very thankful for the opportunity to attend and participate in the Teaching and Learning in the 21st Century PD!”

Katelyn Fraser, Classroom Teacher, Killara Primary School

“I found this program fantastic. It opened my eyes to the possibilities available now. It has changed the practice in my school remarkably and no doubt has improved the teaching in ICT and also the skills of our students. For ICT leaders I could not recommended this PD highly enough.”

Damian Lappin, ICT Coordinator, Latrobe Special Developmental School

“The confidence I’ve gained from the program has enabled me to share much more with others at my school as well as in different networks, especially using Google+ and Google Hangouts etc.”

Kerry Law, Chinese teacher, Doncaster Gardens Primary School

“Last years program was amazing. In fact so much, that it was difficult to take it all in. Now our school is significantly advantaged by the support from the staff of the TL21C Program.”

Michael Smethurst, GAFE Coordinator at Kingston Heath Primary School