Webinar 1

Our first webinar will kick off this Thursday 19 June. We’ll be exploring Inquiry Based Learning and begin thinking about our team projects.

To join the 4pm session go here.

To join the 8pm session go here.

Recordings of the sessions will be made available for those who are unable to attend.

We encourage you to come 15 minutes early so that you can familiarise yourself with the Blackboard Collaborate web conferencing environment and do any last minute troubleshooting.

If you have not participated in a Blackboard Collaborate session this year we strongly recommend that you go to the Training Room before Thursday to check that your computer is set up correctly to use the system.

Opening Session at NMIT

Congratulations to all participants on a successful opening session. Will Richardson provided plenty of food for thought about our roles as educators and as learners in our newly connected world. If you were one of those unable to make the event please make sure to touch base with me (John) by email so that we can organise your participation in a team ASAP. We have 15 teams in all. Our next online event, apart from team webinars or hangouts, will be Thursday 19 June.


Will Richardson and our large cohort of Victorian educators at TL21C


Bring Your Digital Device!

You will need to bring a digital device (preferably a notebook, Macbook or Chromebook over a tablet or iPad) so that you can participate fully in workshop activities.


Since we have increased the number of participants by 30 to 100 we may strain the Wi-Fi capacity of NMIT. If you can bring a Wi-Fi modem or dongle, or if you know how to tether your device to your phone’s Internet access, that would be helpful.

Tethering Devices